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Gift of Life Update – Natasha from Uganda

Director of Gift of Life International, Fredlee Ann Kaplan recently visited our club. She gave us the great news that Natasha, pictured here, was recently treated in a Ugandan facility supported by the Rotary Club of Wall Street! Thanks for the update and for sharing Natasha’s infectious smile!


Interested in supporting organizations like Gift of Life by becoming a member of Rotary? Check out our membership information here!

Mayor William Bell of Birmingham, Alabama, Wednesday May 18

Mayor BellTalk title: “Civil Rights Movement”

Mayor William Bell of Birmingham, Alabama is leading the charge for America’s Civil Rights City to become a global model for human rights, criminal justice and inclusivity. Mayor Bell will speak to Birmingham’s efforts in this regard and how other communities and citizens alike can work together to advance education and policy for equal rights and civic cooperation.

Birmingham’s efforts are transforming its history of civil rights turmoil into a positive force for future education and growth: This March, U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell and Birmingham Mayor William Bell introduced a bill to designate Birmingham’s Civil Rights District as a National Park. Last year, Birmingham was selected by the U.S. Justice Department as one of just 6 pilot cities for the three-year, $4.7 million National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, which aims to build a better understanding of underlying tensions between law enforcement and minority communities.

Speaker bio:
Dedicated to public service, and a member of the Rotary Club of Birmingham, Mayor Bell has served the City of Birmingham for many years. After spending twenty- five years serving Birmingham as City Councilor, Council President, and Interim Mayor, Mayor Bell was elected Mayor in 2011. Mayor Bell is a past President of the African American Mayors Association, has represented the U.S. at the United Nations Committee on Human Rights, serves on the advisory board for the United States Conference of Mayors,’ and has been strongly involved with President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative. As a respected expert and leader on civil rights, Mayor Bell has travelled around the world speaking about the importance of human rights. You can read more about Mayor Bell’s background and his impressive accomplishments here.

Also the entourage of the Mayor will include:
Birmingham City Council members, Jay Roberson and William Parker
Mayor Bell’s PR Representative, April Odom
Brian Hilson, Birmingham Business Alliance
Sanjay Singh, past President of the Birmingham Rotary Club

October 24 – World Polio Day

This Wednesday, October 24th, 2012, we will have a joint event with the Rotary Club of Metro-NYC to commemorate World Polio Day at the Down Town Association (60 Pine Street, dress code business professional) from 6pm to 8pm. All members are asked to check-in at the registration desk upon arrival for attendance tracking purposes.

The featured speaker for the night will be Judith Roland from the Global Poverty Project, who is making a presentation titled “The Fight to Eradicate Polio – The Last 1%.” I am expecting 100% of our members at this event to show support for this important cause. We will witness the eradication of polio in the next few years, and as Rotarians, we have to push to make it happen as soon as possible.

On this day, several Rotary Clubs in the District will make a contribution to Rotary CEO John Hewko’s Bike Ride that benefits the “End Polio Now” campaign. You will remember that we raised money form “End Polio Now” this summer at the Standard Beergarden social in August. That money will count as our contribution.

October 17 – Elizabeth Landers

After our successful meeting last week, we are charging full steam ahead to the next meeting this Wednesday, October 17th, at the Down Town Association (60 Pine Street, dress code business professional) from 6 to 8PM to talk about sex. Yes, sex! Finally a topic that most of us can relate to in one way or another, living up to our reputation as the sexiest club in Rotary International. Book author Elizabeth Landers will make her presentation called “Affairs & Business – Sex Gets Marked to Market.” Don’t be shy! Make sure to attend this sizzling meeting to get all the juicy Wall Street stories.

Member Spotlight: Sven Dietrich

On Wednesday, October 10, the Rotary Club of Wall Street will be featuring its second installment of “Member Spotlight”, highlighting our own members and their fascinating fields of expertise or life stories. Board Member Sven Dietrich will be talking about “The Current Cyberespionage Threat – How sensitive data is exfiltrated from corporate, government, and private computers.” This will not simply be a topic for computer enthusiast, but really for everyone, as this is an issue of national security. So come and find out if the weekly Rotary Newsletter supplants secret tracking codes into your devices…

Time: 5:45pm registration starts, 6:00pm meeting starts
Place: The Downtown Association, 60 Pine Street
Cost for guests: $25 per person
Includes: Wine, Cheese, and some snacks (soft drinks available)
Business dress required (no jeans)

FDNY Commissioner Cassano

This upcoming Wednesday, September 12th, the Rotary Club of Wall Street NY meets at the Down Town Association (60 Pine Street) at 6PM.

We will feature not one, but two world-class speakers at the meeting. First up will be FDNY Commissioner Cassano, who will take time out of his busy schedule (especially just one day after 9/11) to speak about the FDNY, its efforts in our community, and the tragic day of 9/11. Since the Commissioner is very busy, we will start the meeting at 6PM sharp. He has to leave the DTA by 6:45 to attend another function.

Afterwards, young artist David Maddy, who works for world-famous artist Jeff Koons as a painter, will present his very own philosophy and collection titled “The Gospel of Wealth”, which brings together art and Wall Street.

Please be aware that the dress code at the DTA is business professional, which is strictly enforced.

Time: 5:45pm registration starts, 6:00pm meeting starts
Place: The Downtown Association, 60 Pine Street
Cost for guests: $25 per person
Includes: Wine, Cheese, and some snacks (soft drinks available)
Business dress required (no jeans)

Our first Member Spotlight!

Thank you to member Ralf for presenting for our first Member Spotlight!  We enjoyed learning about Moody’s Analytics and the the credit rating system.

Join us in October for our next Member Spotlight with Sven Dietrich.

June 13: Club Presidents Year-end Roundtable Review

Assistant District Governor Frances Wong will moderate a discussion with the Area 7 Club Presidents as the share the highlights of their year as President. The discussion will focus on sharing information with the meeting attendees so that they can contribute their ideas on how to expand and improve our service projects and social activities. Please join us, this Wednesday, as the clubs team up to brainstorm on how to make the 2012 – 2013 term even more rewarding and exciting. Also, we will have an opportunity to thank our Presidents for all of their hard work and “Service Above Self”.

May 30: Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott

Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott

Dennis M. Walcott is Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education. As Chancellor, Walcott oversees a system of almost 1,700 schools with 1.1 million students, 136,000 employees, and a $23 billion budget. Building on Mayor Bloomberg’s Children First reforms, Chancellor Walcott is committed to cultivating teacher talent; expanding school choices for families so that students attend schools that best meet their individual needs; creating strong partnerships with parents; and preparing students to graduate from high school and succeed in college and careers. Prior to his appointment as Chancellor, Walcott served as Mayor Bloomberg’s Deputy Mayor for Education and Community Development for more than eight years.

Time: 5:45pm registration starts, 6:00pm meeting starts
Place: The Downtown Association, 60 Pine Street
Cost: $25 per person; $20 member of Rotary Club of Wall Street
Includes: Wine, Cheese, and some snacks (soft drinks available)
Business dress required (no jeans)