Member Spotlight: Sven Dietrich

On Wednesday, October 10, the Rotary Club of Wall Street will be featuring its second installment of “Member Spotlight”, highlighting our own members and their fascinating fields of expertise or life stories. Board Member Sven Dietrich will be talking about “The Current Cyberespionage Threat – How sensitive data is exfiltrated from corporate, government, and private computers.” This will not simply be a topic for computer enthusiast, but really for everyone, as this is an issue of national security. So come and find out if the weekly Rotary Newsletter supplants secret tracking codes into your devices…
Time: 5:45pm registration starts, 6:00pm meeting starts
Place: The Downtown Association, 60 Pine Street
Cost for guests: $25 per person
Includes: Wine, Cheese, and some snacks (soft drinks available)
Business dress required (no jeans)