November 7, 2020

Leadership in turbulent times

Challenges and Perspectives


Providing a platform with diversified views on leadership activities by granting access to thought leaders in their respective fields and giving the opportunity of analyzing and discussing leadership roles in key pillars of our global eco-system and society. The program aims to deliver a better understanding of leadership, providing the necessary tools to enable participants to give direction in their own respective leadership role empowering others with energy and motivation in order to achieve a positive impact on society for generations to come.

Program Features

Target Group: 16 – 30 years (worldwide)

Selection Criteria: CV, Motivation Letter, Interview

Number of Participants: max. 20

Program Language: English

Duration: 8 sessions on Saturdays within 4 months

Format: Online (Zoom meeting)

Registration deadline: February 24th, 2021

Program Start: March 6th, 2021

Learning Modules

O. Opening – Welcome

March 6th 2021, 10 AM EST
Speaker: Holger Knaack, Ratzeburg, Germany

A. Leadership – Definition

March 20th 2021, 10 AM EST
Speaker: Christina Kuenzle, Zurich, Switzerland

B. Leadership from a Government and Supranational Organization Perspective

April 10th 2021, 10 AM EST
Speaker: Alastair Newton, Livingstone, Zambia

C. Leadership from a Global Trade Perspective and its Political Implications

April 24th 2021, 10 AM EST
Speaker: Ricardo Melendez-Ortiz, Geneva, Switzerland

D. Leadership in the For-Profit Economy
May 8th 2021, 10 AM EST

Speaker: David Schwedel, Coral Gables, Florida, USA

E. Leadership in the Non-For-Profit Economy
May 22th 2021, 10 AM EST

Speaker: Justin Smith, Cape Town, South Africa

F. Leadership within a Sustainable Development / Impact Investing Strategy
June 5th 2021, 10 AM EST

Speaker: Mathias Ernst, Lisbon, Portugal

X. Award Ceremony

June 19th 2021, 10 AM EST

Download Program Guide (incl. Speakers CV)

Structure of each Learning Module

Duration of each Learning Module: 150 minutes

Introduction by Lead Moderator: 10 minutes

Speaker Session, including Q & A: 60 minutes

Break: 20 minutes

Discussion and Analysis in small groups: 30 minutes
Each group will be given a different focus on the topic

Presentation of the results: 20 minutes

Closing Remarks by the Lead Moderator and outlook for next Learning Module: 10 minutes

Each participant is asked to write a short personal evaluation after each Learning Module and at the end of the Leadership Program a final Essay (max. 2 pages) regarding their definition and vision of Leadership

Participants from around the world