April 2, 2024

A Light for ECLUJE

We are raising funds so that every pupil of the “Ecole Communautaire Lumière de Jésus” primary school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, has a solar powered light in their house. Give these brave students a light of hope. Details about the fundraiser below the presentation of the school.

Ecole Communautaire Lumière de Jésus (ECLUJE) is a community school that educates children in need completely free of charge, in a suburb named Audan in Port-au-Prince (Haiti). The school was founded in September 2010 after the violent seism, as a response to the critical economic situation of some poor parents that couldn’t provide education to their children.

Haiti is currently experiencing significant instability and insecurity, which profoundly impacts the population, particularly the youth, affecting their lives and future prospects.
Through common efforts with local supporters and a Canadian NGO, the Rotary E-Club of Wall Street has constructed a building for the ECLUJE school. Every year the school serves more than 60 students free of charge from different communities around Audan. Each school year more than 10 students from the school go to secondary education.

Our mission now is to provide portable, foldable solar light cubes (from Solight) to each pupil of ECLUJE Primary School in Haiti along with a ‘school kit’ incl. pen, notebook, eraser etc.
Currently, many students struggle to study in dimly lit environments or without access to electricity at home. With your support, we aim to illuminate their futures by providing them with solar-powered light cubes, enabling them to study effectively and safely after dark.

Fundraising Goal $2,500
We aim to provide approx. 70 solar light cubes; one for each pupil of ECLUJE Primary School and approx. 10 lights for the school and / or teachers’ family; each solar light cube is priced at $25.
Along with each light cube we plan on providing a ‘school kit’ for every student including notebooks, pens, pencils, eraser etc.

Your donation – no matter how high – will make a meaningful difference in the lives of these students and their community.

How you can help? Donate, Spread the Word, Get Involved!
Every dollar counts! Share our fundraising campaign with your friends, family, and colleagues!

Impact of your Donation Your contribution will directly impact the lives of ECLUJE Primary School students by:

Improving Education: Enhanced study conditions lead to improved academic performance & increased opportunities for success.
Safety & Security: Solar light cubes promote safety by illuminating walkways and common areas, reducing the risk of accidents.
Community Development: Investing in education and infrastructure uplifts the entire community, fostering a brighter and more sustainable future.

Join Us in Illuminating Futures! Together, we can bring light, hope, and opportunity to the students of ECLUJE Primary School in Haiti. Your generosity will create a lasting impact and inspire a generation of bright minds. Thank you for your support!

Want to know more about our Rotary E-Club of Wall Street and the current activities and projects we serve? Please reach out to secretary@wallstreetrotary.org

Note: Donations will be used for the above-mentioned project and potentially further service projects that Rotary E-Club of Wall Street supports. 
All donations are tax-deductible.