May 2: Martin Nolan, Big Picture – Duchity Hydroelectric Project

Ten thousand people, that’s right, ten thousand (10,000) people – about 1,000 of which are “refugees” from the earthquake – will benefit from electrical power to their medical and dental clinic (see pictures), street lights, public use buildings such as schools and libraries, plus future business will benefit from this important step up in infrastructure, which is environmentally safe and sustainable. We plan to build a 40kW hydroelectric power plant to provide electricity 24/7 to the village of Duchity, Haiti.

A great team with great relationships in the village of Duchity, Haiti and with other NGOs in the region, John Ball and The Naperville Sunrise Rotary have been working there for 10 years building schools, churches, medical & dental center (see pictures), improving the water system and more. The list goes on. Those of you who have been to places like Haiti know if you simply look around, you see the need is endless.

March 21: special guests

In adddition to Kate Cornford, on March 21 we will have two more special guests. Alec Fokapu of Labadens Private Equity. Labadens is a non-profit organization specializing in venture capital funding for high-potential entrepreneurs in Africa. He will speak about his projects which have an emphasis on social and enviromental impacts. Meet representatives from 2012 Read more about March 21: special guests[…]

April 18: Joel Goldstein

Bart Goldstein was only sixteen when he suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a car accident in 2001. No Stone Unturned is the saga of Bart’s struggle to regain his life. Told from his father’s point of view, the book chronicles the family’s ordeal, and flashbacks fill in Bart’s life since he arrived from Korea at the age of five months. Considering every possibility in their search for remedies to Bart’s catastrophic injuries, the Goldsteins explored several promising alternatives, including craniosacral, hyperbaric oxygen, sensory learning, and vision restoration therapies. Bart’s remarkable recovery resulted from a combination of conventional medicine and alternative and emerging therapies.

TBI has now become the “signature injury” for thousands of wounded warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan; this timely book offers profound insights into what survivors and their families must face. Anyone struggling with this “invisible” disability will find the book insightful, inspiring and useful.


March 28: Public Private Alliance Foundation

How can we make a difference in helping Haiti rebuild?

By partnering with Haitian business, the diaspora, nonprofit organizations, the Haitian government, the United Nations and individuals like you on key projects that improve people’s lives.

According to David Stillman, Executive Director of the Public Private Alliance Foundation (PPAF), the aim of reducing poverty can be met by networking with business, government, academia, the financial community, non-profits, the UN, and others, which the PPAF promotes. By stimulating entrepreneurship and investment, it is possible to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals.

April 4: Past District Governor, Karl Milde

PDG Karl Milde is an attorney who practices Patent Law in White Plains, NY. A graduate of MIT, he is also an inventor and has obtained numerous patents in the fields of electronic music, automotive safety, and vertical take-off and landing aircraft. On April 4th Mr. Milde will be giving an intriguing presentation about the development of a new type of winged airplane that can take off and land vertically.

March 21: Kate Cornford, Ambassadorial Scholarship

Hosted by the Rotary Club of Riverdale and sponsored by District 9690 which is one of the Districts co-hosting the 2014 Rotary International Convention. I am studying at NYU Law School undertaking a Masters of Law in International Legal Studies, majoring in public international law (focusing on international law & the use of force, international criminal law and international human rights law). Aim to be employed in public international law and limit suffering endured by those affected by warfare and conflict by promoting understanding and adherence to the universal human rights norms and the rules applying to conflict. I look forward to speaking at the Rotary Club of Wall Street in March.

March 7: The TRUTH about Stress – Stress is all around us.

The TRUTH about Stress: Stress is all around us. But you don’t have to be a victim to it.

Join Dr. Karen Sherman, Psychologist and author of “Mindfulness and The Art of Choice: Transform Your Life” as she provides you with vital information about stress and offers you practical tools to deal with it.

My website is

Dr. Karen Sherman is a licensed psychologist in NY. She’s had a private practice for 25 years with specialties in relationships, assisting people achieve their greatest potential, and stress management.

Konbit Pou Edikasyon “Working Together for Education”

Thank you to Marlynne Bidos for presenting at last week’s meeting about Konbit Pou Edikasyon.

Konbit Pou Edikasyon “Working Together for Education” (KPE) was born in response to the problem of child domestic servitude in Haiti. The group became aware of children’’s vulnerability to domestic servitude when it traveled to Haiti on a mission trip in 2008 to sponsor a boys soccer team from Cité Soleil. To prevent children from becoming domestic servants, KPE began providing education, health, and emergency assistance for nine at-risk children. Today, through the generous support of donors, KPE supports students from four neighborhoods in Haiti.


February 8: Join us for three speakers

Marlynne Bidos who has been awarded the prestigious Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship. Marlynne is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Harlem. In 2012 she will study in Hong Kong to obtain her LL.M. in Intellectual Property. In addition, Marlynne will speak to the club about her Haiti based non-profit organization Konbit Pou Edikasyon “Working Together Read more about February 8: Join us for three speakers[…]

April 11: Drink Better Than Don Draper: Mastering the favorite cocktail of the hit show, Mad Men

Rotary presentation by Ford Mixology Lab, New York

Our Mission:
We are here to help you rediscover a truly unique American craft, one we insist you learn yourself. We are here to show you how to mix drinks. We are classicists. Mixing up greatness starts with a solid foundation, one that has already been laid out by intrepid imbibers of yore. Americans are once again taking pride in cocktails and the craft of bar tending. This makes us happy. After all, there is nothing more quintessentially American than the cocktail: a tempered mixture of ?ery spirits that somehow becomes, undoubtedly, greater than its individual parts. What appears to be magic in a glass spawns mystery and intrigue. Fleeting essence and well-guarded whispers. A secret knock or a password. Never-mind all
that. The best cocktails do not live behind speakeasy doors, they live behind your own.

And guess what? They are easy to make.