May 2: Martin Nolan, Big Picture – Duchity Hydroelectric Project

Ten thousand people, that’s right, ten thousand (10,000) people – about 1,000 of which are “refugees” from the earthquake – will benefit from electrical power to their medical and dental clinic (see pictures), street lights, public use buildings such as schools and libraries, plus future business will benefit from this important step up in infrastructure, which is environmentally safe and sustainable. We plan to build a 40kW hydroelectric power plant to provide electricity 24/7 to the village of Duchity, Haiti.
A great team with great relationships in the village of Duchity, Haiti and with other NGOs in the region, John Ball and The Naperville Sunrise Rotary have been working there for 10 years building schools, churches, medical & dental center (see pictures), improving the water system and more. The list goes on. Those of you who have been to places like Haiti know if you simply look around, you see the need is endless.

I got involved two years ago, post-earthquake, looking to find “what can I do to help?” I’m an engineer, I speak French, there must be a role I can play. The hydroelectric plant has long been a dream for John but it’s a lot of money to raise and it takes a lot of engineers with varying skill sets. Through my contacts at Engineers Without Borders NYC, ADIHA (Haitian American Professional Engineering Society), and Rotary Metro NYC, we are finding a nice match.