April 4: Past District Governor, Karl Milde

PDG Karl Milde is an attorney who practices Patent Law in White Plains, NY. A graduate of MIT, he is also an inventor and has obtained numerous patents in the fields of electronic music, automotive safety, and vertical take-off and landing aircraft. On April 4th Mr. Milde will be giving an intriguing presentation about the development of a new type of winged airplane that can take off and land vertically.

Details about this presentation consist of an explanation of how this aircraft works and the advantages (which include increased fuel efficiency, less noise, a lower cost to manufacture, and lower maintenance fees than that of a helicopter) of such a radically new design. Mr. Milde will also speak about the inspiration and main themes of his latest thriller novel “The Airplane: The Story of the Next Big Thing,” which follows an investigative journalist’s examination into the death of an inventor of a possibly groundbreaking new technology.
Wednesday, April 4
Time: 5:45pm registration starts, 6:00pm meeting starts
Place: The Downtown Association, 60 Pine Street
Cost: $25 per person; $20 member of Rotary Club of Wall Street
Includes: Wine, Cheese, and some snacks (soft drinks available)
Business dress required (no jeans)