April 11: Drink Better Than Don Draper: Mastering the favorite cocktail of the hit show, Mad Men

Rotary presentation by Ford Mixology Lab, New York
Our Mission:
We are here to help you rediscover a truly unique American craft, one we insist you learn yourself. We are here to show you how to mix drinks. We are classicists. Mixing up greatness starts with a solid foundation, one that has already been laid out by intrepid imbibers of yore. Americans are once again taking pride in cocktails and the craft of bar tending. This makes us happy. After all, there is nothing more quintessentially American than the cocktail: a tempered mixture of ?ery spirits that somehow becomes, undoubtedly, greater than its individual parts. What appears to be magic in a glass spawns mystery and intrigue. Fleeting essence and well-guarded whispers. A secret knock or a password. Never-mind all
that. The best cocktails do not live behind speakeasy doors, they live behind your own.
And guess what? They are easy to make.

Ford Mixology Lab Bio:
Ford Mixology Lab is husband and wife duo Kyle and Rachel Ford. Founded in 2009, FML brings to glass years of bar tending experience, gathered behind the stick from the Golden Gate to the Empire State. Considered ‘America’s Sweetheart Mixologists,’ Kyle and Rachel author articles, freelance as cocktail stylists and create seasonal cocktail menus. They have contributed spirit and industry related pieces to
Drink Me Magazine, Angel’s Share Magazine, ShakeStir and others. The duo has been contracted by several major brands to style cocktails for print campaigns and books, as well as bartend for special events. Most importantly, they are the stars of Ford Mixology Lab’s cocktail tutorial show, How to Mix Drinks, which seeks to bring the art of cocktail creation and appreciation to imbibers everywhere. Most recently, Ford Mixology Lab was featured on esquire.com for their bartender wisdom.
Repeat After Us:
The best drink is the one that you enjoy. A great drink does not have to be passed across a bar by a Mixologist. You are a Mixologist; you are your own Mixologist. You know your own preferences better than everyone. Why not put those preferences into a glass? You work hard and you deserve the best: the best spirits, the most quality ingredients… Ford Mixology Lab will teach you how to treat yourself, one sip at a time.
Presentation to Include:
• Who is Ford Mixology Lab?
• What is a Mixologist?
• Brief history of American Cocktails and the effects of Prohibition
• The media and current cocktail culture
• What is a cocktail?
• Brief history of the Old Fashioned cocktail• How to make an Old Fashioned (demo and cocktail distribution)
• Resources available on www.fordmixologylab.com
• Q&A
Wednesday, April 11
Time: 5:45pm registration starts, 6:00pm meeting starts
Place: The Downtown Association, 60 Pine Street
Cost: $25 per person; $20 member of Rotary Club of Wall Street
Includes: Wine, Cheese, and some snacks (soft drinks available)
Business dress required (no jeans)