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Gift of Life Update – Natasha from Uganda

Director of Gift of Life International, Fredlee Ann Kaplan recently visited our club. She gave us the great news that Natasha, pictured here, was recently treated in a Ugandan facility supported by the Rotary Club of Wall Street! Thanks for the update and for sharing Natasha’s infectious smile!


Interested in supporting organizations like Gift of Life by becoming a member of Rotary? Check out our membership information here!

Thank you for attending our fundraiser!

Thank you to everyone who attended our fundraiser last week! We raised almost $2000 for the Bowery Van fund and inducted 2 new members.

Nazareth Housing Holiday Party 2015

Thank you to all our volunteers from the Nazareth Holiday Party!  We were able to serve 200 community members with food, crafts, gifts & fellowship!

Urban Shelter Kit Update

Thank you to the Epsilon NY office for donating all of the toothbrushes, toothpaste and toothbrush holders for our Urban Shelter Kit project! And thank you to everyone who attended our social on January 8 – we raised $100 and collected many pairs of socks!




Nazareth Housing Holiday Party 2013 Photos