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Rotary Day at the United Nations – November 12

RotaryNo regular meeting this week with the upcoming Rotary Day at the United Nations on Saturday, November 12. Join other Rotarians and guests in discussions about the UN, Rotary International and the UN’s NGO programs. Additional tickets have just been released, get yours here! Be one of the first 500 to arrive for a chance to sit in the main auditorium. Lunch is included!

Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014

IMG_5617-SMILECongratulations to RCWS Members Jan, Mike & Susanne for their work at Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014! Check out these photos from their trip!

Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014

DSC_0060DSC_0073Our member Jan Holz is coordinating a project in Haiti. Please read more below!

Our project’s background

January 10, 2010; a huge earthquake hit Haiti-one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemi-sphere. More than 200.000 people passed away. Houses were destroyed, businesses devastated, and buildings collapsed. Early in the next day, many international Non –Governmental organizations (NGOs) were on place to providing food, hygienic kits, shelters, etc… Life was very hard for the population, and would have been even harder without those NGOs that came to lend a helping hand. Three years later, it is becoming obvious that the countless NGOs were paramount to averting the immediate humanitarian crisis. As truly sustainable development however can only come from the inside, it is now time to shift our attention from short term support to long term solutions. That’s how the idea for our inaugural Entrepreneurship Camp was born.

From start to today’s team
In July 2013, Jude V.P. Tranquille, founder of devoted servants Haiti, spoke at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards North America Conference in Washington D.C. Jan Holz, member of Rotary Wall Street NYC, shared the vision from the first moment and brought new team members on board.

Alexandra Heinrich, a Lufthansa colleague of Jan, always wanted to participate in business-related development aid and joined the team shortly after.

Smaragda Strouba inpired by Alexandras commitment joined the team in September.

Jonas Eichhorst, entrepreneur in Singapore, was thrilled by the topic and has been contributing all his experience and endless network to the project.

At the moment the project will be locally implemented by Devoted Servants Haiti and is currently supported by the Rotary Club of Wall Street NYC, the Lufthansa HelpAlliance as well as several Rotaract Clubs in Haiti.

The actual project
In a 2-week intensive workshop program, small entrepreneurs with the will to professionalize their own business will have the opportunity to receive the knowledge they need to reinforce their businesses. Classes will be held by both international and local volunteer speakers. During the workshop period, every participant will be requested to create his/her own business plan. The participant then can convince the committee of the feasibility of his/her business idea and will have the opportunity to receive an investment in his/her business.

Why we need external funds
All of our team members are volunteering their time and are not being financially compensated in any way. However, funds are required on the ground to cover basic expenses like transportation and basic infractructure costs for hosting this 2 week camp for 30 people. If we manage to reach our funding goal, we will be able to reimburse flight costs for our speakers. Finally, any excess funds will be invested into the most promising businesses coming out of this camp to provide further help in getting things off the ground ensuring maximum impact of every dollar raised.

Do you want to support this vision?
Become a volunteer lecturer or support the project with your donation.

Help Haiti’s young entrepreneurs to use their potential!

Everyone with knowledge in business or soft skill-related topics is more than welcome to join our international team. Every of our volunteers is responsible for his class session and can fill it with his own ideas corresponding to our overall curriculum. As an appreciation of your engagement, our local partner DEVOTED SERVANTS invites every volunteer to get a unique, personal impression of the beautiful country of Haiti. Local tours, cultural events, beautiful beaches on this tropical island and visits to local industries will make your help an unforgettable experience for yourself.

Feel free to contact us!



Contact: Petina Dixon-Jenkins, 847-866-3054,

Humanitarian organization says disabling virus now must be stopped in neighboring Pakistan; as well as Afghanistan and Nigeria

EVANSTON, Ill. (10 Jan. 2014) — Rotary members worldwide are celebrating a major milestone in the global effort to eradicate polio: India, until recently an epicenter of the wild poliovirus, will mark the third anniversary of its last recorded case of the paralyzing infectious disease on 13 Jan.

On the same day in 2011, a two-year old girl suffered polio paralysis in Howrah district of West Bengal. Since then, India has not reported any new cases of wild poliovirus.

Leaders of the humanitarian service organization see the 13 Jan. milestone as a testament to the determination of its international membership of 1.2 million men and women – and especially the 122,000 Rotary members in India – to eradicate polio through the mass immunization of children, a goal Rotary took on in 1985.

In celebration of the decades-long battle and ultimate victory over this disabling disease in India, Rotary clubs throughout the country will illuminate landmarks and iconic structures on Jan. 13. India Gate in Delhi and Red Fort in Delhi and Agra are among the structures that will carry Rotary’s dramatic message – ‘India is Polio Free’.

Read the full article here:

Philippine Typhoon Response/Rotary Area 7 New York

When a disaster occurs, we watch the news and wish we could help. We CAN help! About every two weeks, a disaster occurs and an organization called ShelterBox delivers lifesaving aid to those affected.

We often take the basics for granted such as a roof over our head or a tap with running water. In the days following a disaster, many are left to cope on their own, forcing survivors to spend their time finding shelter for their family or a means to cook a hot meal and purify water.

Then imagine ShelterBox arrives to provide lifesaving equipment such as a family tent that can withstand harsh temperatures and winds, water purification, a stove, pots and pans, tools, blankets and even a children’s activity pack.

Let’s not wait until we hear about the next disaster in the news to take action. People are living without shelter RIGHT NOW and we can make a difference.

Click here to donate.

Ongoing Sandy Relief

The Rotary Club of Wall Street is pleased to announce that we are supporting the Nazareth Housing as part of our club’s ongoing Lower East Side Hurricane Sandy relief activities with a project that is valued close to US$ 25,000.

We will assist Nazareth Housing with updating their aging IT infrastructure by providing new technology including desktop and laptop computers, printers and software, for both its administrative and case management offices as well as the Nazareth Housing’s Center for Learning and Self Sufficiency (CLASS).

The project is made possible by way of a matching grant from the Rotary Foundation. The Rotary Club of Wall Street has partnered with the Rotary Clubs of Hartsdale and Pleasantville (both Westchester NY), the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise (Ontario, Canada), as well as Rotary Districts 7040, 7240 (Eastern Canada) and 1880 (South East Germany), all of which contributed to the base funds for this grant. The money provided by the Rotary Club of Wall Street were funds that our club has received from many generous individuals, Rotarians and non-Rotarians, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Nazareth Housing, we will begin a service project this fall that includes computer literacy courses for low income families, using the new equipment installed as part of this project.