Dr. David Bach from the Platypus Institute – September 30

Our guest speaker on September 30 is Dr. David Bach from the Platypus Institute who will talk about: Rewire your Brain and Body for Peak Performance.

Scientists have been fascinated with the study of human peak performance for over 60 years, but during the past decade, as a result of dramatic improvements in both biological imaging technology and computer processing capability, knowledge in this area has exploded.

We now understand, in great depth, what happens to our brains and bodies when we operate in a “peak performance” or flow state. And with this information in hand, our ability to “rewire” our brains and bodies to enhance performance has, similarly expanded. For example, technology exists today that: measurably increases cognitive functioning in a variety of arenas including IQ, memory and creativity; optimizes sleep; expands energy capacity; increases longevity; and increases sensory capabilities.

Dr. David Bach, a Harvard-trained scientist and physician, and the Founder and President of the Platypus Institute, will guide us through this emerging landscape of Peak Performance science, sharing actionable research and technologies that allow us to immediately enhance our day-to-day effectiveness. He’ll also discuss future developments we can expect in this field and the Platypus Institute’s research agenda.

Please register early to help us with the planning of the venue space. Please note that there is a fee for Visiting Rotarians/Rotaractors, and guests. We serve wine, sodas, water, and light appetizers (all included in your fee) at the meeting.