Change of location for 10/23 meeting

Greetings Wall Street Rotarians:
I want to alert you that there has been a change of plans regarding tomorrow’s meeting of October 23rd. The Downtown Association where we normally meet is closed for a movie shoot. The Metro NY Club with whom we were welcoming as guests to our meeting has graciously offered to hold the meeting at their normal venue. So tomorrow’s meeting will be with the Metro NY Club at Trattoria Dopo Teatro, 125 West 44th Street [between 6th and 7th Avenues].
Starting time is still 6pm. Our speaker on Elder Care Joanna Leefer is still joining us. The cost of the meeting is $35 for a three course meal. RCWS will be supplementing our members meals. I believe it will be a $20 discount per person so the cost will be $15. [Price may vary depending on how many of our club members participate.]
Very truly yours,
Hermann P. Walz-President