“Thank you!” from Dea

Dear Rotary Club of Wall Street Members,
Hope all is well with you.
As all of you know, Dea, the Gift of Life child that our Club sponsored, was released from the hospital about a month ago to recuperate at a host family’s place in Riverdale. During her stay with the host family, she became healthier, stronger, and more energetic each day. She gained four pounds and grew an inch taller too! Dea recuperated as well as doctors had expected so she and her mother were able to go home as planned on Thursday night. I was just informed that they had arrived home in Kosova safe and sound.
Dea and Ajshe are grateful to all the Club had done for them, giving her a new heart and a start of a new chapter in her life. Dea asked me to convey a message to you…..”Because of you, I can now smile and I can live a normal life. Thank you.”
Special thanks to Chrissy Livergood, who greeted Dea and Ajshe at the airport when they arrived; Susanne Gellert, who purchased toys for Dea and visited them at the hospital; Fabiola Eyholzer Stump, who visited them at the hospital / at the host family’s residence, and gave a pair of hip colorful sneakers to Dea; Christina Mendez, who purchased gifts for Dea and her siblings on behalf of the Club, Thomas Rudy, who visited them at the hospital and gave them continuous support; and last but not least, Ralf Wimmershoff, who took them to lunch, visited them at the hospital / at the host family’s residence, and attended at Dea’s farewell pizza party on behalf of the Club.
All of you have impacted a little girl and her family’s life. Thank you so much for all your support. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
All the best,