Dea is doing well!

Hello RCWS Members & Friends,
Just wanted to update you on Dea’s condition. I was able to visit Dea and Ajshe on yesterday afternoon and met their new host family in Riverdale. Dea was so energetic, walking around, talking, eating, laughing……being a normal 8 year old girl. Her scar seems to be healing well too. It was hard to believe she had an open heart surgery just 10 days ago. Great to see her recovering so well. Great to see her smile.
On Friday afternoon, I received a call and an email from the childcare committee of Gift of Life that Dea needed warm clothes and a pair of pajamas so I took the liberty to purchase some clothes for her. I got a pair of pajamas, two sweatshirts , two sweatpants, one jacket, and two pairs of jeans (see attached) for $37 including tax! They were having a big sale:-) She tried some of them on and they fit perfectly (a little big but she can grow into them) and she loved them……mission accomplished!
On Monday, Dea will have her doctor’s appointment. They have about three weeks left before they go home so please show them your support if you can. If any of you want to go visit them, please let me know.
Please contact us with the date and the approximate time that you would like to visit.