Area 7 – New York Cares Day Spring 2012

The registration for New York Cares Day Spring 2012 is now open.
New York Cares Day Spring 2012, f/k/a Hands On New York Day, takes place on Saturday, April 21st this year, and is a day of service in cooperation with New York Cares to green and clean up our city’s parks and gardens. By the end of the day, 80 parks, community gardens and green spaces across the five boroughs will be spruced up and ready for the arrival of summer.

The Rotary Club of Metro NYC will be joining hands with The Rotary Club of New York, The Rotary Club of Wall Street and other Rotarians as well as Rotaract United Nations as one Rotary Team – Rotary NY Joins Hands!
This is always a great day out and a wonderful opportunity to work with our fellow Rotarians doing some hands-on work in our community. There is a $20 mandatory (tax deductible) donation that helps cover the cost of supplies for the day.
This year, there is a special focus on the city’s waterfront. Volunteers will restore 10 miles of coastline to make these areas more sustainable for plant and animal life, and more accessible for city residents. So come join us and be part of something lasting – the sooner Rotary NY Joins Hands builds a substantial team, the more likely the team will receive an attractive site assignment!
To participate in this event, please click on “Join Our Team” on our ‘Rotary NY Joining Hands’ website, which you find by following the link below: