10 Days. 7 Cities. 15+ Rotary Clubs. 120+ Prosthetic Hands. 100% Incredible

This past week I want on a mission along with five Rotarians from the United States to bring LN-4 Hands to Colombia (www.ln-4.org).
LN-4.org Mission Statement: We provide a light, durable, functional prosthetic hand to every person who wants one and can benefit from it, and do so at no charge. Yes, FREE.
Starting in Bogota, we delivered education and hands to the cities of Sogamosa, Yopal, Villavicencia, Zipaquira, Ibaque & Garzon. We were treated like kings by the people and Rotarians who hosted us, received plaques in our honor and in some cases even referred to as “Doctors”. But the reality of this effective, yet simple project, is that one need not have a medical degree to fit one of these clever prosthetic hands onto amputees. What we need is time, and infrastructure. This is what rotary can provide, with over 1.2 million people around the world in over 33,000 clubs, it is the perfect service organization to stand up to the challenge. LN-4.org is looking for more clubs to get involved and partner with receiving clubs in needy areas, such as many parts of Africa. Best of all, we won’t be asking for a matching grant anytime soon: it’s free!

Todd Horwath