1500 NYC Schools

This week, we are excited to have Mr. Eric Nadelstern, a former Deputy Chancellor for the Division of School Support and Instruction as our guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Wall Street New York meeting on Wednesday, March 9.
As the Deputy Chancellor for the Division of School Support and Instruction, Mr. Nadelstern oversaw instructional and operational support to the city’s 1500 schools. He has also served the New York City Public Schools as Chief Schools Officer for the Division of School Support, Chief Executive Officer for Empowerment Schools, and in many distinguished capacities in New York City Schools. The innovative programs such as English Language Learners, which Mr. Nadelstern created has been widely recognized and replicated throughout the city and he has received many awards such as Angelo Patri School Awards for his contributions and achievements.
Meeting Information
Place: Down Town Association, 60 Pine St
Time: 5:45pm registration; 6:00pm meeting starts
Cost: $20 for members of RCWS; $25 for non-members
Includes: wine & cheese, soft drinks are also available
Subway: 2 / 3 (the closest) and 4 / 5 at Wall Street; A/C at Broadway/Nassau
Parking and facility info: www.thedta.com
Business Dress Required