Update on Farm Bill

This week, after a long battle, the Senate passed the Farm Bill, which is critical to ensuring the food insecure are able to eat. The legislation successfully rejects the harshest of the policies we have fought so hard against—this would not have been possible without your commitment to action and if you hadn’t raised your voices on behalf of the 49 million Americans who are hungry.

At the same time, in the bill’s current form, spending related to SNAP will be reduced by about $8 billion over the next decade. This reduction in assistance will affect close to 1.7 million people, whose benefits will be reduced by about $90 a month, according to the congressional budget office.

This news is challenging, but we are confident that this community will rise to the occasion, as we have seen you express your priorities through action time and again. You’ve watched and shared A Place at the Table, volunteered in your local communities, made your voice heard at the federal and state levels, and stood up for what you believe in both online and off in the fight to end hunger.

The A Place at the Table community will continue to grow: With each member, a voice; with each voice, action. We thank you for taking action more than 160,000 times through the A Place at the Table Action Center so far, and we are certain the world can change because of people like you.

—Kelsie and the A Place at the Table Team