What is the w!se Institute?

What is the w!se Institute? The w!se Institute is a program of Working in Support of Education, an educational nonprofit dedicated to strengthening financial literacy and preparing youth for college and worksplace readiness. The W!se Institute is offered at the NYC High School of Economics & Finance:

  • Reinforcement: seminar content often reinforces classroom instruction, increases depth of understanding knowledge, strengthens skills and improves school outcomes.
  • Choice: with increased state requirements students are unable to take electives. This program offers choice.
  • Variety: at most high schools the daily schedule is the same. This program creates variety on Wednesdays when students are either attending a seminar or engaged in a work experience.
  • Inclusion: serves all students at a Title 1 school with a diverse, disadvantaged and high-need population.
  • Enrichment: Seminars enhance instruction offering topics not part of the course offerings and offering an opportunity for students to explore their curiosity.
  • Relevance: Students gain vital access to professional role models and advocates as well as to real world and on-site work experiences which help build crucial knowledge and lifelong career skills.
  • Community Focus: The Institute promotes strong partnerships with local community organizations; it also encourages parental involvement in their children’s education through parent evenings hosted by w!se.
  • Assessment: Evaluation is intrinsic to the program; assessment tools are used to measure outcomes and students earn a grade for seminars attended; grades are incorporated into their GPA, motivating them to excel.
  • Results: Seminars are developed in collaboration with school faculty to be aligned with needs and curricula priorities; they, therefore, contribute to the outstanding educational outcomes at the school, as evidenced by more than 90% of students graduating and 96% of graduates going on to college.
  • Reward for Excellence: Students maintaining an overall GPA of 92% or above can join the Institute’s Scholars Program. They are offered exclusive seminars and opportunities to meet top-level executives.