Update on Hurricane Sandy Response

Firstly – I hope all of you are safe and have a secure place to stay after the storm. I know that many of you live downtown or on Long Island. Please know our thoughts are with you. If we haven’t heard from you, please reach out to let us know that you are okay or how we can help.
Late yesterday, we activated an emergency committee to assist with recovery efforts in the NYC area.
Our first action was to get in touch with our partners at agencies in Lower Manhattan as they’ve assessed damage and determine what items they need the most. Bowery Mission & Nazareth Housing have given us the following list of what’s needed:
Pantry items such as sugar, oatmeal, coffee, rice, potatoes
Flashlights & batteries
Baby food
Toilet paper
Toiletries (toothpaste tooth brush, soap, shampoo, lotion)
Many of you have reached out to ask what you can do to help. There are three key ways you can help.
1 – Post signs in your building and start a collection of the items listed above. Reach out to Thomas, Chrissy, Hermann & me to let us know when you have items to be delivered. We will help you coordinate to get the items where they need to go.
2 – If you are not able to start a collection / deliver items, or if you are not in NYC, please consider making a financial contribution on our PayPal page.
3 – Spread the word! Share details about these two ways to help with your social media lists, co-workers & friends.
Tomorrow morning, three club members will be picking up supplies from our building collections & Costco and delivering them in to Lower Manhattan.
Please reach out if you have any questions or if you’d like to assist.