June 20th – Rotary Economics Forum

June 20th – Rotary Economics Forum
The Rotary Club of Wall Street will be hosting a multi-club panel-discussion about the current state of the world economy with topics, including the European Debt Crisis, the labor market, the real estate market, global equities and fixed income markets. Will the market improve in the second half of 2012? Will Greece leave the Eurozone? When will real estate prices in the US increase again? Find out what the experts think.
Panel Members:
-Michael Keating, Financial Advisor, Inner Harbor Advisors (Rotary Club of New York)
-Pri de Silva, Fixed Income Expert, Bank of America (Rotary Club of Metro New York)
-Thomas Rudy, Hedge Fund and Equities Expert, Capital R Investments (Rotary Club of Wall Street)
The discussion will be moderated by German financial television host Manuel Koch (Rotary Club of Wall Street).