Striking a Chord

The Rotary Club of Wall Street New York is pleased to invite you to our Third Annual Film Screening. Please join us for a screening of the extremely powerful documentary, Striking a Chord. Click here to purchase tickets.
Event Details:
-Wednesday, May 16, 2012
-Location: Tribeca Cinemas
-Doors open at 6:30, Film begins at 7:00
-Screening is followed by Q&A with Susan C Rockefeller
-A reception for all attendees will take place after the film
Tickets are $55 with proceeds supporting the work of
Rotary International has a strong track record of helping people in need when disaster strikes. Each time a humanitarian crisis breaks out, a natural disaster occurs, or a war conflict take place, Rotarians play a lead role in improving the lives of those affected. However, we are sometimes so caught up with the care for others, that it is easy to forget the impact of traumatic events on helpers themselves.
Striking a Chord is a documentary telling the story of soldiers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It reminds us that helpers need help as well. The Rotary Club of Wall Street encourages members and guests to look at the other side of the coin and raise awareness to help those who helped others in need. PTSD is a growing health issue that needs to be tackled effectively. It is also a phenomenon that many people in our community know all too well from the attacks of 9/11. PTSD patients need special care and attention. Music can provide a way to begin the healing process.
Striking a Chord brings the audience right into the army bases in Iraq. The film shows the boredom and isolation, the effect of repeated deployments, and the need to create experiences that bring the troops some consolation. Long lines of soldiers waiting to speak with Nell Bryden and the band after every concert attest to the effect of the music on the troops. Their fervent applause and heartfelt comments show how deeply they respond to the concerts.
Inter-cut with uplifting and moving scenes of Nell’s performances and talks with the soldiers are interviews with a psychiatrist who discusses how music addresses PTSD, promoting relaxation, expression of feelings and healing invisible battle scars.
Most importantly, Striking a Chord reminds us that when our soldiers return home, they need special care and attention. PTSD is a disorder which many veterans are ashamed to speak about, yet it’s all too common. As the film shows, music can provide a way to begin the healing process.
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