Ronald McDonald House NYC – Maggie & Sarah’s Story

Maggie Miller was trying to comfort her 9 month old daughter Sarah as she cried uncontrollably in pain. As she was holding her, she noticed tiny bruises all over Sarah’s body. Like any loving mother, Maggie took her daughter to the hospital to take every precaution. That’s when she found out something was terribly wrong. Sarah’s white blood cell count was abnormally high and her red and platelet counts were low. Sarah needed an emergency blood transfusion that day and remained in the hospital for the next 30 days because her situation was so critical.
As if Sarah’s illness wasn’t enough heartache, Maggie found that they would have to leave their home and support network in upstate New York and seek special cutting-edge cancer treatment in New York City.

Maggie was blessed with excellent medical support, and her social worker recommended that Maggie and Sarah stay at Ronald McDonald House of New York. Maggie remembers feeling numb; overwhelmed by the cancer diagnosis, treatment protocols and the pace of New York City, but when she walked through the doors of Ronald McDonald House she felt an immediate sense of support, security and comfort.
Maggie was in awe of how welcoming family-like house was to her and Sarah. She recalls the friendliness of others going through the same experience, the play mates for Sarah, in other words, they felt at Home.
Since the initial diagnosis , Sarah has undergone numerous treatments, This mother-daughter team has experienced the emotional roller coaster ride of battling pediatric cancer: spiked fevers … chemotherapy treatments … bouts of dehydration … doses of antibiotics … and weeks spent in the hospital, always to return to the welcoming surroundings of Ronald McDonald House.

Today, we are delighted to tell you that Sarah has finished treatment. And while she
continually needs check-ups and tests, Sarah’s prognosis looks good.