LN-4 Prosthetic Hand Project

Quick History of LN-4
-Ernie Meadows lost his 18 Yr Old Daughter “Ellen”
-Originally for Land Mine Victims
-Amputees are injured by landmines, work accidents, electricity, acts of violence, or a congenital condition.
-2006 Ernie gave prosthetic hand to Rotarians – Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation
LN-4 Hands are manufactured in Northern California at several plastics parts makers, on contract, and the metal parts are sourced as needed. The assembly is done by many groups, currently most are assembled as part of the Helping Hands project of Odyssey teams.
How can you help?
1. Donate $50 for one LN-4 hand
2. Go to www.LN-4.org, subscribe to the LN-4 newsletter.
3. Start an LN-4 project in your Rotary Club.
4. Sign up for the LN-4 Ambassador Training –
5. Give an LN-4 hand (donation) as an holiday gift – $50 gets you a gift card and a thank you letter.
6. Share LN-4 video and information with friends
7. Encourage your Rotary club to participate in a new LN-4 project
8. Make an LN-4 information packet to bring along to visit other Rotary clubs, especially in other districts and internationally.