October 5 – Special Agent James Capozzi

Special Agent James Capozzi has been an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation
(FBI) since 1986, previously working as an attorney in New York City. Currently he is the Co-Coordinator for the InfraGard Program at the FBI’s New York office. The Infragard Program is a private non-profit organization serving as a partnership between U.S. businesses and the FBI to prevent hostile acts against the United States through an information sharing and analysis effort. Special Agent Capozzi has worked a variety of criminal and counterterrorism crimes while being assigned in the Newark and New York FBI offices as well as the FBI’s training academy in Quantico, Virginia. He is certified as a Defensive Tactics, Fitness, Firearms, Legal, and Advanced General Police Instructor for the FBI and also holds a Master Police Instructor Certification from the State of New York. SA Capozzi has conducted numerous training programs throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands, as well as in Asia and Europe.
Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Time: 5:45pm registration starts, 6:00pm meeting starts
Place: The Downtown Association
Address: 60 Pine Street
Cost: $25 per person; $20 member of Rotary Club of Wall Street
Includes: Wine, Cheese, and some snacks (soft drinks available)
Business dress required (no jeans)