“Water First” at the Tribeca Cinemas

After Wednesday night’s big event at the Tribeca Cinemas I figure most of you might be interested to know how the Club did financially. Let me therefore give you a brief update on the “Water First” screening and our reception:

I dare to say that overall our event was a huge success – after a rather slow beginning we could speed up the sale of our tickets and finally came up with a “full house” …. as all of us had the pleasure to experience ourselves!

The Club therefore made a healthy profit which I consider to be a very satisfying outcome, especially since this comes on top of a most pleasant and sociable event that might help us to attract even a few more new members. On the long run the Rotary Club of Wall Street has gained even more than the mere $-amount of which most will go into future charity expenses and activities.

From my side I may thank you all for your support and efforts in making this event a most memorable and successful one. Looking forward to our next meeting, I remain with best regards,
Yours in Rotary service,


Dr. Michael Blank Vice President/Treasurer

Elizabeth and Mark conducting the Raffle

President Susanne welcomes Rotarians form the Metro, Upper Manhattan and New York Club.

The Event was Sold Out!