April 19, 2020

Jason’s Birthday Donation

I’m celebrating my 28th birthday by preventing the spread of COVID-19. Please join me in protecting homeless Detroiters with reusable face masks.

<3 Jason

$11 will provide 4 reusable face masks!

Dear friends,

As you know, I’ve recently moved from New York City to be home with my family in Metro Detroit, and you may know my bday is April 25th.. Needless to say, I hadn’t expected to move during a Pandemic, nor be celebrating my birthday in a shutdown..

The coronavirus may have halted my party plans– but it hasn’t dampened my spirit! With Michigan experiencing the highest death rate from coronavirus in the nation, I’m hoping to make a difference and help prevent further spread of COVID-19. For my birthday, I am asking for donations towards my Rotary Club’s initiative I’ve been leading.

Please help me reach my goal of providing 400 reusable face masks to homeless Detroiters. $11 will provide 4 reusable face masks and make a world of difference!

Thank you for considering. I’m ever so thankful for our connectedness and I look forward to celebrating with you once this is all over! Wishing you good health, and hope to see you soon.

<3 Jason

Please share this donate link with a friend:

Transforming Backpacks into Face Masks for Vulnerable Communities.

My Rotary Club is partnering with a young entrepreneur in Haiti to transform backpacks into reusable, non-medical face masks for elderly and homeless communities around the world.

Smiff Lormier is a young Haitian entrepreneur and a longtime friend of my Rotary Club. With help from my fellow Rotary members, Lormier developed skills and connections to start a successful business manufacturing backpacks for Haitian youth.

Today- in response to the global pandemic- he is stepping up to transform his manufacturing chain to produce non-medical masks in hopes of protecting the local elderly population.

My Rotary E-Club of Wall Street is once again investing in Smiff Lormier and the Haiti economy by procuring masks for the elderly and homeless communities around the world. Together, we will provide critical face masks to vulnerable communities and we need help.