Wall Street Club Raised $700 for Eye Surgery

The Rotary Club of Wall Street’s Membership Mixer on April 14 raised $700 for Indian Service Project.

At Chelsea’s Figurative Art Gallery we had around 40 guests, fellowship, art, chocolate tasting, champagne, wine & food and we raised approximately $700 for Cataract surgeries in India.

The donation will go to a Rotary Club of Pune, India and will give sight to 30 people!!

Here is an email from the Indian Rotary Club which says everything:

“Dear President Susanne:

Greetings from Rotary club of Pune, Kothrud and myself. I am delighted to hear that you are interested in our project. Of course, we would love to accept your cheque, no matter what amount it is. Your gesture of donation is absolutely wonderful and it will give many needy people the basic necessity of life – sight. The patients who will be undergoing cataract surgeries are very poor, who cannot afford even the basic medical services. For these people the operation will be totally free of cost. Will let you know the details of the surgery, the hospital where they will be performed and the beneficiaries later on.

Keep in touch.
Dr. Sameer Potnis.
Eye Surgeon.”