Annual Fundraiser 2014 – seeking sponsors

logo_nkhOn May 28, 2014 the Rotary Club of Wall Street New York, will be hosting a special screening of the film A Place at the Table at SVA Theatre in New York. We invite you to show your support for this cause by joining us as a sponsor for this unique event presented in one of New York City’s most prominent venues.

About Us

The Rotary Club of Wall Street along with its Rotary Club of Wall Street Foundation, based in the Financial District of New York City, is one of the leading clubs comprising Rotary International. Rotary’s core objective is service — in the community, in the workplace, and around the globe. The 1.2 million Rotarians who make up more than 34,000 Rotary clubs in nearly every country in the world share a dedication to the principle of “Service Above Self.”

Our Club members are a diverse group of business professionals, corporate leaders and educators, committed to the service mission of Rotary International. We have spearheaded a number of significant humanitarian initiatives designed for the betterment of the New York City community and communities worldwide, including: Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts; Coalition for the Homeless Food Van; Outreach Meal Packaging Program; Youth Leadership Council in collaboration with the High School of Economics & Finance; the Bowery Mission, Nazareth Housing, and Ronald McDonald House Support Efforts; End Polio Now; Freshwater Projects International; Gift of Life; Shelter Box; Urban Shelter Kits Project; Day Clinic Dewanbegi Project; New York Cares Day; Books for Kids; Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture; and Hands on New York Day. For further information on the Rotary Club of Wall Street and the domestic and global programs we support, please visit our website at:

Film Screening Feature
50 million people in the U.S.—one in four children—don’t know where their next meal is coming from, despite our having the means to provide nutritious, affordable food for all Americans. Directors Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush examine this critical national challenge through the eyes of three persons in different parts of the country struggling with hunger: Barbie, a single Philadelphia mother who grew up in poverty and is trying to provide a better life for her two kids; Rosie, a Colorado fifth-grader who often has to depend on friends and neighbors to feed her and has trouble concentrating in school; and Tremonica, a Mississippi second-grader whose asthma and health issues are exacerbated by the nutrient-deficient meals her hardworking mother can afford.
Their stories are interwoven with insights from experts including sociologist Janet Poppendieck, author Raj Patel and nutrition policy leader Marion Nestle; ordinary citizens like Pastor Bob Wilson and teachers Leslie Nichols and Odessa Cherry; and activists such as Witness to Hunger’s Mariana Chilton, Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio and Oscar®-winning actor Jeff Bridges.
Ultimately, A Place at the Table shows us how hunger poses a serious economic, social and cultural threat for our nation, and how that threat could be eradicated if the American people decide—as they have in the past—that making healthy food available and affordable is in the best interest of us all.
The Rotary Club of Wall Street is proud to support the artistic endeavor that is A Place at the Table. Your sponsorship contribution will support the screening of A Place at the Table, as well as a donation to the non-profit charity No Kid Hungry, which through its numerous programs, platforms and initiatives, connects kids in need with nutritious food, teaches their families how to cook healthy, affordable meals, and engages the public to make ending childhood hunger a national priority. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from this event will further aid the numerous local and international humanitarian projects led by the Rotary Club of Wall Street. We work hard to make a difference in our community and worldwide, and believe that you would be a great partner in our endeavors.

Film Screening Program

-Reception with wine and hors d’oeuvres;
-Formal welcome and introduction of Sponsors;
-Screening of documentary feature A Place at the Table;
-Panel Discussion and Q&A with the audience

Sponsorship Opportunities

The following opportunities are available to sponsor the Rotary Club of Wall Street Film Screening at SVA Theatre in New York on May 28, 2014. We look forward to welcoming you as a sponsor to this outstanding event.

Click here to view the list of sponsorship options.

Contact us at with any questions.

Update on Farm Bill

_MG_8560This week, after a long battle, the Senate passed the Farm Bill, which is critical to ensuring the food insecure are able to eat. The legislation successfully rejects the harshest of the policies we have fought so hard against—this would not have been possible without your commitment to action and if you hadn’t raised your voices on behalf of the 49 million Americans who are hungry.

At the same time, in the bill’s current form, spending related to SNAP will be reduced by about $8 billion over the next decade. This reduction in assistance will affect close to 1.7 million people, whose benefits will be reduced by about $90 a month, according to the congressional budget office.

This news is challenging, but we are confident that this community will rise to the occasion, as we have seen you express your priorities through action time and again. You’ve watched and shared A Place at the Table, volunteered in your local communities, made your voice heard at the federal and state levels, and stood up for what you believe in both online and off in the fight to end hunger.

The A Place at the Table community will continue to grow: With each member, a voice; with each voice, action. We thank you for taking action more than 160,000 times through the A Place at the Table Action Center so far, and we are certain the world can change because of people like you.

—Kelsie and the A Place at the Table Team

Save the Date – May 28, 2014!

Save the date for May 28! Our Annual Fundraiser Screening will be held on May 28th at SVA Theatre. This year our annual fundraiser will be bigger and better than ever. We’ll hold the event in a beautiful 260 seat theatre!

We’ll screen A Place at the Table.

About The Film
50 Million Americans—1 in 4 children—don’t know where their next meal is coming from. A Place at the Table tells the powerful stories of three such Americans, who maintain their dignity even as they struggle just to eat. In a riveting journey that will change forever how you think about the hungry, A Place at the Table shows how the issue could be solved forever, once the American public decides—as they have in the past—that ending hunger is in the best interests of us all.

Watch this trailer of the film:

Don’t Walk By – Volunteers Needed

Support our partners at The Bowery Mission with their Don’t Walk By campaign.


Don’t Walk By (DWB) is an annual outreach in New York City where volunteers walk through each street in Manhattan each winter on a search and rescue mission for the homeless. Volunteers seek to offer every single homeless person or those in need food, warm clothing, a blanket and the opportunity to get off the streets and enter a shelter and residential program.

Our Vision: Through an alliance of influential organizations, volunteers, outreach experts and resource providers, see that every man and woman living on Manhattan’s streets is offered a chance to transform their lives.

Click here for info on Volunteer sign up:

Types of Volunteers:

Street Engagement
Walks a 10×10 block radius with team on search and rescue mission to find the homeless, and offer them a ride back to the anchor church for food, meal, clothes, etc.
Must be at least 18 yrs old to qualify

Subway Engagement

Rides a subway line with team on search and rescue mission to find the homeless, and offer them a ride back to the anchor church for food, meal, clothes, etc.
Must be at least 18 yrs old to qualify

Team Leader (Street Engagement or Subway Engagement) –
Leads a team of the above mentioned volunteers with map, homeless tracking info, and transportation contacts.
Must attend a team leader training and will be prompted to select one of 2 dates during registration
Must be at least 25 yrs old to qualify

Works at the anchor church to provide a smile, meal, clothing, medical treatment, resources, and more to the homeless guests that arrive off the streets.
Must be at least 16 yrs old to qualify

Medical Professionals
We also need medically trained professionals.
If you would like to volunteer in this way, please contact Jaime Hayes directly at

We always need more vans to help with transportation during the outreach. If your church/family/organization has a van, minivan, and can offer a driver, please contact David Van Fleet directly at

Click here for info on Volunteer sign up:

February 15 Sign Up

March 1 Sign Up

February 6 – Volunteer Events

Bowery Logo  RMH logo


February 6 is the RCWS Day of Service (Projects)! Members – Visit our group page on Volunteerspot to sign up.

The Bowery Mission service project is to serve dinner in their kitchen. Meals are served three times a day, every day. We’ll arrive at 6pm for setup and food prep. Then we’ll serve the meal with the Bowery kitchen staff and assist with kitchen and dining hall cleanup. Dinner is served to 125-175 people each night.

For the Ronald McDonald House project, we are hosting a dinner at Ronald McDonald House of New York, which provides a temporary “home-away-from-home” for pediatric cancer patients and their families who travel to New York City for life-saving treatment. Providing a meal is an important part of supporting the children living at Ronald McDonald House of New York who are battling cancer and the families caring for them. Dinner service will begin at 6:30 pm (volunteers will need to arrive at least by 6:00 pm to help with the set up).

Click here to sign up today:


In 2005, Razia Jan came up with a dangerous idea: to start a free private school for girls in her native Afghanistan. The Taliban were using extreme violence to keep girls from learning. In 2008, the year she opened the school, terrorists in the country — armed with bombs, poison gas, guns, grenades, and acid — killed 149 teachers, students, and employees in Afghan schools.

But Jan did not intend to let terrorists stop her. She approached Afghan Ministry of Education officials and persuaded them to donate a piece of land in a village 30 miles outside Kabul. Today, the Zabuli Education Center is in its sixth year and has a roster of more than 400 girls in kindergarten through ninth grade.

Without the school, many of the students never would have had the chance to receive an education. “I can feel a change happening in these girls and in this community,” says Jan, who moved back to Afghanistan after building a successful tailoring business in Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA. “Knowledge is something nobody can steal from them.”

The Rotarian magazine talked with her about her experience launching the school.

Read the full article here:

A lesson in the power of clean water

Early each morning, the students of Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta in El Tunino, Guatemala, trek down the mountainside on their way to school. They carry the essentials for the day: books, backpacks, and class projects. But one other item they used to haul from home is thankfully absent: a bucket of clean water.

The community of El Tunino is part of Sumpango, a rural region where access to clean running water is limited. Schools in the area offered the basics in education, but students learned quickly that drinking water and working toilets were not part of the curriculum. Today, that lesson is very different.

Using a global grant, the Rotary Club of Guatemala Sur, along with clubs in the United States, have provided washing stations and latrines, as well as kitchen equipment and furniture for this school and eight others in Sumpango.

Read the full article here:



Contact: Petina Dixon-Jenkins, 847-866-3054,

Humanitarian organization says disabling virus now must be stopped in neighboring Pakistan; as well as Afghanistan and Nigeria

EVANSTON, Ill. (10 Jan. 2014) — Rotary members worldwide are celebrating a major milestone in the global effort to eradicate polio: India, until recently an epicenter of the wild poliovirus, will mark the third anniversary of its last recorded case of the paralyzing infectious disease on 13 Jan.

On the same day in 2011, a two-year old girl suffered polio paralysis in Howrah district of West Bengal. Since then, India has not reported any new cases of wild poliovirus.

Leaders of the humanitarian service organization see the 13 Jan. milestone as a testament to the determination of its international membership of 1.2 million men and women – and especially the 122,000 Rotary members in India – to eradicate polio through the mass immunization of children, a goal Rotary took on in 1985.

In celebration of the decades-long battle and ultimate victory over this disabling disease in India, Rotary clubs throughout the country will illuminate landmarks and iconic structures on Jan. 13. India Gate in Delhi and Red Fort in Delhi and Agra are among the structures that will carry Rotary’s dramatic message – ‘India is Polio Free’.

Read the full article here:

Urban Shelter Kit Update

Thank you to the Epsilon NY office for donating all of the toothbrushes, toothpaste and toothbrush holders for our Urban Shelter Kit project! And thank you to everyone who attended our social on January 8 – we raised $100 and collected many pairs of socks!