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Polio Plus Fundraiser on October 19

epn-sq_rgbThe fight to end polio is a massive effort that Rotary and its partners cannot do alone. Help secure support from governments, non-governmental organizations, corporations and the public. Your support helps ensure that no child will suffer from this crippling disease ever again.
Join the Rotary Clubs of Metro & Wall Street New York to raise money for the Polio Plus fund of the Rotary Foundation.

George Camp will speak about his work on immunization trips, and we will have wine, light snacks & fellowship.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Polio Plus fund of the Rotary Foundation.

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Meet the women trying to rid Pakistan – and the world – of polio (LA Times Article)

la-1462998315-snap-photo“Her slender hand sheathed in a black glove, Saira Nizamuddin gathered the fabric of her full-length abaya as she stepped across an alley strewn with rocks and trash.

The 19-year-old health worker walked alone, the mid-morning sun pressing down on the dirt streets and soaking into the black fabric covering her from head to toe. It was better this way, she thought. In the past, for security reasons, police officers had followed her as she visited houses to administer the polio vaccine to children.

Now, she and 10 vaccinators, all local women, were working unguarded. The low-profile approach was meant to assuage fears in their community that the vaccine was unsafe, forbidden by Islam or a cover for Western espionage — myths that have given the crippling virus, eradicated nearly everywhere else in the world, a lifeline in conservative Pakistan.”

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From End Polio Now:

Only one human disease has ever been eradicated. Polio could be next. Follow the timeline below to see what progress we have made and what still needs to be done.

1988: The Global Polio Eradication Initiative is launched. There are 125 polio-endemic countries in the world. Nigeria has 30,000 cases of polio. Until 1988, the disease crippled more than 350,000 children worldwide every year. Government officials, global partners, community leaders and health workers work together to bring vaccine to every child.

2004: In Africa, synchronized National Immunization Days in 23 countries target 80 million children, the largest coordinated polio immunization effort on the continent.

2006: Nigeria records more than 1,000 cases of polio-induced paralysis. The number of polio-endemic countries drops to four (Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan), the lowest in human history at the time.

2008: Nigerian philanthropist and business leader Sir Emeka Offor offers the first of many generous donations to support Rotary’s eradication efforts. To date, his contributions to Rotary’s PolioPlus program total US$2.55 million.

2014: After India and the entire Southeast Asia Region is certified polio-free, only three countries remain endemic (Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan). Nigeria records its last case of wild poliovirus on July 24. To get to this point, health workers immunize 230 million children under the age of 5 across the African continent.

2015: The World Health Organization (WHO) may remove Nigeria from the polio-endemic countries list later this year. However, WHO does not certify a region country as polio-free until it has gone 3 years without a new polio case.

Looking ahead:

2017: If our progress continues, Nigeria and the entire African region could be certified polio-free.

Nigeria is on track to end polio. But we aren’t done yet. We must continue our efforts in order to ensure Nigeria and Africa are certified polio-free in 2017.Our world is 99.9% polio-free. The chance to end a disease forever is within our grasp. We need your help to keep polio from returning to Nigeria.



Contact: Petina Dixon-Jenkins, 847-866-3054,

Humanitarian organization says disabling virus now must be stopped in neighboring Pakistan; as well as Afghanistan and Nigeria

EVANSTON, Ill. (10 Jan. 2014) — Rotary members worldwide are celebrating a major milestone in the global effort to eradicate polio: India, until recently an epicenter of the wild poliovirus, will mark the third anniversary of its last recorded case of the paralyzing infectious disease on 13 Jan.

On the same day in 2011, a two-year old girl suffered polio paralysis in Howrah district of West Bengal. Since then, India has not reported any new cases of wild poliovirus.

Leaders of the humanitarian service organization see the 13 Jan. milestone as a testament to the determination of its international membership of 1.2 million men and women – and especially the 122,000 Rotary members in India – to eradicate polio through the mass immunization of children, a goal Rotary took on in 1985.

In celebration of the decades-long battle and ultimate victory over this disabling disease in India, Rotary clubs throughout the country will illuminate landmarks and iconic structures on Jan. 13. India Gate in Delhi and Red Fort in Delhi and Agra are among the structures that will carry Rotary’s dramatic message – ‘India is Polio Free’.

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October 24 – World Polio Day

This Wednesday, October 24th, 2012, we will have a joint event with the Rotary Club of Metro-NYC to commemorate World Polio Day at the Down Town Association (60 Pine Street, dress code business professional) from 6pm to 8pm. All members are asked to check-in at the registration desk upon arrival for attendance tracking purposes.

The featured speaker for the night will be Judith Roland from the Global Poverty Project, who is making a presentation titled “The Fight to Eradicate Polio – The Last 1%.” I am expecting 100% of our members at this event to show support for this important cause. We will witness the eradication of polio in the next few years, and as Rotarians, we have to push to make it happen as soon as possible.

On this day, several Rotary Clubs in the District will make a contribution to Rotary CEO John Hewko’s Bike Ride that benefits the “End Polio Now” campaign. You will remember that we raised money form “End Polio Now” this summer at the Standard Beergarden social in August. That money will count as our contribution.

Past President Susanne joins NID trip to Pakistan

ENDPOLIONOWIn September, Past President Susanne Gellert will embark on a “National Immunization Day” (NID) trip to Pakistan to help eradicate polio as part of Rotary International’s “End Polio Now” campaign. More details will follow in the coming weeks. We are very close to eradicating polio in the world, which gives us the opportunity to think of what’s next.

World Polio Day

World Polio Day- October 24th marks the birthday of Jonas Salk, the leader of a team that created the first polio vaccine in 1955. The goal of World Polio Day is to ensure that no person ever experience the horrible effects of polio. Through awareness and fundraising for vaccinations, the goal of worldwide polio eradication is getting closer and closer.

Rotary International, through its PolioPlus program, has raised millions toward this goal with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and this is a time to realize that we still have to get the word out and raise more for complete eradication.