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Meet the women trying to rid Pakistan – and the world – of polio (LA Times Article)

la-1462998315-snap-photo“Her slender hand sheathed in a black glove, Saira Nizamuddin gathered the fabric of her full-length abaya as she stepped across an alley strewn with rocks and trash.

The 19-year-old health worker walked alone, the mid-morning sun pressing down on the dirt streets and soaking into the black fabric covering her from head to toe. It was better this way, she thought. In the past, for security reasons, police officers had followed her as she visited houses to administer the polio vaccine to children.

Now, she and 10 vaccinators, all local women, were working unguarded. The low-profile approach was meant to assuage fears in their community that the vaccine was unsafe, forbidden by Islam or a cover for Western espionage — myths that have given the crippling virus, eradicated nearly everywhere else in the world, a lifeline in conservative Pakistan.”

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Mayor William Bell of Birmingham, Alabama, Wednesday May 18

Mayor BellTalk title: “Civil Rights Movement”

Mayor William Bell of Birmingham, Alabama is leading the charge for America’s Civil Rights City to become a global model for human rights, criminal justice and inclusivity. Mayor Bell will speak to Birmingham’s efforts in this regard and how other communities and citizens alike can work together to advance education and policy for equal rights and civic cooperation.

Birmingham’s efforts are transforming its history of civil rights turmoil into a positive force for future education and growth: This March, U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell and Birmingham Mayor William Bell introduced a bill to designate Birmingham’s Civil Rights District as a National Park. Last year, Birmingham was selected by the U.S. Justice Department as one of just 6 pilot cities for the three-year, $4.7 million National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, which aims to build a better understanding of underlying tensions between law enforcement and minority communities.

Speaker bio:
Dedicated to public service, and a member of the Rotary Club of Birmingham, Mayor Bell has served the City of Birmingham for many years. After spending twenty- five years serving Birmingham as City Councilor, Council President, and Interim Mayor, Mayor Bell was elected Mayor in 2011. Mayor Bell is a past President of the African American Mayors Association, has represented the U.S. at the United Nations Committee on Human Rights, serves on the advisory board for the United States Conference of Mayors,’ and has been strongly involved with President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative. As a respected expert and leader on civil rights, Mayor Bell has travelled around the world speaking about the importance of human rights. You can read more about Mayor Bell’s background and his impressive accomplishments here.

Also the entourage of the Mayor will include:
Birmingham City Council members, Jay Roberson and William Parker
Mayor Bell’s PR Representative, April Odom
Brian Hilson, Birmingham Business Alliance
Sanjay Singh, past President of the Birmingham Rotary Club

Global Grant Scholarship District 7230 – application process

Rotary Club of Wall Street New York is supporting the District 7230 effort to sponsor a Global Grant Scholar.

District 7230 will be supporting one outbound Global Grant Scholarship (for up to $30,000 USD) for the Academic Year 2016/17. All interested applicants must submit their application through a Rotary Club in District 7230. All applications endorsed by clubs and received by the submission deadline will be reviewed on the District level. By endorsing an application, the club agrees to serve as Sponsor Club and nominates one of its club members as Sponsor Counselor in case the applicant endorsed by the club is selected to receive the scholarship.

Eligibility criteria for the scholarship:
– The applicant is not a Rotarian and is not related to a Rotarian.
– The applicant must be a resident of District 7230.

The applicant must pursue graduate-level studies or research outside of the U.S. in one of the six areas of focus:
– Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
– Disease prevention and treatment
– Water and sanitation
– Maternal and child health
– Basic education and literacy
– Economic and community development

A scholarship candidate is expected to have:
– Excellent leadership skills and potential.
– A proven record of success in his or her academic field of vocation.
– A commitment to community service.
– Well-defined and realistic goals.
– Concrete ideas for advancing within his or her chosen field.
– Sincerity about maintaining a lifelong relationship with Rotary after the scholarship period.

The deadline for applications to our club is March 15 at 11:59pm Eastern Time, and club-level acceptance/rejection notification by March 28. Rotaractors are allowed to submit, as long as they are not related to a Rotarian.

Include the following details with your application.

– Applicant’s CV.
– All relevant transcripts (including at least the transcripts of the institutions listed in the scholarship application form).
– At least 3 letters of recommendation.
– Proof of admission to the institution of study or research.
– Scholarship application form, click here to download the form.

Submit all materials via email to

March 2 – Investing with Impact

Guest speaker: Graham Nolen

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Graham Nolen is a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley, where he started in 2015 in the Callea/Cintron group. The group provides financial advisory and asset management services with a focus on financial and estate planning.

Investing with Impact

This topic is often referred to as ESG investing (Environmental, social, governance). ESG investing first emerged the 1970’s but has gained popularity in the past 10 years.

ESG investing is the school of thought that believes a company’s environmental, social and governance impact are a crucial part the evaluation of its investment merits along with traditional factors such as profitability and growth prospects. There are four categories in which ESG generally falls into, the first of which is a negative screen called ‘values alignment’ where certain investors avoid exposure to certain industries they have an ethical or moral obligation to (i.e. tobacco, firearms). The next is integration of ESG topics in alongside the typical financial analysis, an example of this would be determining a metric to evaluate the labor practices of companies that can be evaluated alongside various financial metrics. Third, is determining an industry to invest in with a certain thematic exposure such as investing a sizable sum in a group of solar energy companies. Lastly, ESG investing is not limited to a the public markets, as it can be done on the private level where investors look to find specific companies whose business model has a certain ESG concern built into it.

While investing with an ESG lens can bring can satisfy certain moral and ethical needs of investors, it also can be used as another way to evaluate and reduce risk. Some of the biggest financial disasters over the years have been due to company’s poor ESG records. Whether it’s Enron, Volkswagen or any company in the coal industry, they all could have raised ESG red flags that lead to their loss in value.

Graham Nolen will introduce the concept to those that may be unfamiliar and then lead a discussion about the merits and downsides of the using ESG lens for investment purposes.

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Rotary Club of New Tampa & University of South Florida Retract Club International Service Trip 2016

kathleenwithtoucanWednesday, February 17, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM:
The Rotary Club of New Tampa is the sponsor club for the University of South Florida Rotaract Club. For the third time, we are partnering with the Rotary Club of Alajuela for community service projects in Costa Rica. Examples of past service projects include building a self-sustaining butterfly garden in the courtyard of San Rafael Hospital in May 2013. The butterfly garden is a welcome reprieve to patients waiting in the crowded Emergency Department as well as smoking cessation, oncology, and pediatrics patients. In May 2013, the team also refreshed paint in the courtyard of The Special Needs School in San Ramon. Both the oldest and largest special needs school in the country, refreshing faded paint lifted spirits of staff & families. The March 2014 project focus was the Alajuela neighborhood of Luz del Sol where the neighborhood children played in the street for lack of a safe space. The Rotary Club of Alajuela bought a corner lot and the team built a well-received playground in three days. This project then inspired a rebuild of Rotary’s Camp Florida playground in September 2015, creating a better play area for our campers with special needs. A public elementary school in Alajuela is our project focus in 2016. Invu las Cañas is in need of maintenance work including ceiling, floor, and playground repair and painting. We look forward to creating an environment more conducive to safety and learning for the students and faculty.

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Kathleen Novak is a member of the Rotary Club of New Tampa and is a Paul Harris Fellow Plus Seven. She is President of Novak Knows, Inc and has over 20 years combined healthcare and management consulting experience. She worked several years as a Level One Trauma Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse and currently enjoys participating in periodic emergency preparedness exercises with the State of Florida. Kathleen was a member of the medical team for the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa. Kathleen feels most fulfilled volunteering as a nurse, most recently as a pediatric nurse at a children’s cancer camp at Rotary’s Camp Florida. She is a self-described people person and enjoys visiting other Rotary Clubs, most especially Rotaract Clubs. Kathleen feels Rotaractors greatly augment the Rotary family. 2016 finds Kathleen in charge of the University of South Florida Rotaract Club International Service Project. This will be the third time she has been on the International Service Project team with the USF Rotaract Club.

Fundraising social at Woodrow’s

We are having a fundraising social at Woodrow’s on Murray Street. We will be meeting in their private event space downstairs, which has its own bar and various seating areas. Their daily specials include $5 happy hour drink specials, drafts starting at $4, $6 house cocktails, and last but not least: a burger with choice of fries and select beer/red sangria for $10.

Your ticket includes a $6 drink coupon to be redeemed that evening at the bar. We are fundraising for the Youth Leadership Council.

There will be a 50/50 raffle (1 ticket for $5, 5 for $20), Door prizes (JoS. A. Bank and Macy’s gift certificates), and Raffle of painting ($50/raffle ticket) by famous Portuguese artist Joaquim G. Pinto. Mr. Pinto will be available to sign the painting.

43 Murray Street
New York, NY 10007

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EST)

Buy tickets in advance here:

  • The Rotary Club of Wall Street’s Youth Leadership Council sponsored the High School of Economics and Finance Book Club and sponsored the purchase of 285 books selected by the faculty and student advisors.
  • The Rotary Club of Wall Street’s Youth Leadership Council sponsored the Creative Diplomacy Leadership conferences of Model United Nations which include high level debates, research and presentation of distinct writing papers for adopting the final resolutions.
  • These leadership projects are essential to the High School of Economics and Finance such as, but not limited to, promoting prejudice reduction education and addressing the problems of bias based on a victim’s race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, economic status, or disability.

Nazareth Housing Holiday Party 2015

Thank you to all our volunteers from the Nazareth Holiday Party!  We were able to serve 200 community members with food, crafts, gifts & fellowship!